Mission of the Foundation of the Chosen Ones of Jesus Christ (F.C.D.J.)

The purpose of the Foundation is to support the distribution, implementation and integration of Our Lord’s Love messages entrusted to Leandre Lachance.

You may help the Foundation with:

  • A money gift: either by bank draft or PAYPAL. To donate, click here.
  • Praying for the Chosen Ones of Jesus Christ; we receive a lot of prayer petitions so your prayers will definitely help nurture the mission of the Foundation of the Chosen Ones of Jesus Christ.
  • Sharing your skills: help is needed in copywriting, editing, translating, proof-reading, etc.

Brotherly regards,

The volunteers Foundation of the Chosen Ones of Jesus Christ

Thought of the Day


Thoughts 3B_30: My little one, whenever a person has given his consent to follow Me on My Path, he must cease to look at himself, his sufferings, his joys and sorrows and rather observe Me and the road I had to follow in order to save the world. The “yes” which is given to Me by accepting a burden of great suffering is the “yes” which pleases the Father and produces much fruit.


Today's Thought of the Day comes from the book For the Happiness of my own, My Chosen Ones – Jesus, by Léandre Lachance, Volume 3, number 74..