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God's Action,July 23, 2019

The Fiorettis of Yes

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Blessed be the Eternal God who does wonders in the hearts of His children. Jesus loves us so much that His presence is confirmed daily in the hearts of those who welcome Him and have given their total Yes to the Lord. This is the case of our sister who saw her life completely transformed since she received volume 1 of the trilogy "For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus". She abandoned the life of domestic partnership she was living with a married man. This book, prayer and the practice of the Sacraments have since remained part of her daily routine. One day last year, her youngest son, who is married but who had distanced himself from God, was victim of a major accident that kept him in a coma for 41 days. Made aware of this tragic event, she began to pray day and night, invoking the Lord, saying: "Because Love loves you, you become Love."

To the astonishment of the doctors, who were desperate about the situation, her son opened his eyes on the 41st day and he has since recovered all his faculties. During this ordeal, the mother testified of her faith in Jesus, Physician par excellence. Her son has a better life now and he has invited Christ in his life. This mother now asks the Lord that all her children give their “Yes” to Jesus. Moreover, a large family of Chosen of Jesus is taking root in this part of the country. A delegate recently came to Kinshasa to meet the priest for the second time. She wholeheartedly wishes to receive the volumes, tapes and other magazines of the Foundation. Again, we thank you for all that you are for us on this journey to meet with our Lord Jesus.

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