Happy resolutions for the beginning of the year

  1. God, bless this year, may I live it with you;
  2. Give, and you will be fulfilled;
  3. Forgive, and you will be happy;
  4. Ask your guardian angel to come with you;
  5. Smile, and the world will smile at you;
  6. Be a being of peace, and peace will reign;
  7. Pray, and God will come to your help;
  8. Accept to be small, to become great in the eyes of God;
  9. Share, and you will receive;
  10. Accept yourself as you are by having the desire to be better from day to day;
  11. Do not compare yourself to anyone else;
  12. Do not let yourself be influenced by the currents of thoughts of the world;
  13. Exercise your choices freely in anticipation of the future;
  14. Live according to the plan of God, your creator;
  15. Accept that God loves you;
  16. Look to the future with confidence, because God is always with you and He unceasingly wants your well-being and your happiness.

Thought of the Day


Thoughts 2B_07: My child, even if you do not say any disagreeable words or words that hurt the other, if your thoughts are critical, negative or imbued with prejudices towards him or her, you are preventing Love from circulating freely in and through you. As soon as you are at grips with such destructive thoughts, you must hand them over to the Mercy of the Father, asking Him to change your heart to enable it to accept the other as he is, to let Love circulate freely among you.


Today's Thought of the Day comes from the book For the Happiness of my own, My Chosen Ones – Jesus, by Léandre Lachance, Volume 2, number 57..