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I have in front of me the letter of a subscriber of “L'INFORMATEUR catholique” and "fervent" reader of this chronicle. In this missive, Ms. R. from Saskatchewan "complains" that the Lord is "silent" with Canadians. She "sees" that the Lord is voluble in the United States, England, France and all over the world, but nothing here!


Antennas # 136

4th quarter 2013 - http://www.rocestello.fr/

The flare of the maples on the gold of the linden trees ... The radiance of the shores of the St. Lawrence River transfigured by the autumnal light ... The majesty of the waterfalls on the rapids ... The squirrels dancing in the parks ... and especially the warm welcome of the good people from Quebec ... Who could have imagined such a trip?


Retreat with Léandre Lachance (August 12-17)

Léandre left us a message at the end of the magnificent retreat he preached. He largely resumed the message already left in volume 3 of "For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones." The following echoes are just a few of the many testimonials of gratitude that the sixty or so participants wrote to us.


Roc-Estello Antennas # 120

From the 12th to the 17th of August, Roc-Estello had the joy of welcoming Léandre Lachance, who had come to preach a retreat. Léandre is now more than a friend, he is a true brother for our house. We witnessed, during five days, the shower of thanksgiving that fell on the participants. As many as fifty participants, from all over France and elsewhere, were able to deepen the fundamental message that our Canadian friend continues to develop: "Because love loves you and you let yourself be loved, you become free, you become true, you become love "which is like an echo to the first letter of Saint John:" Here is what love is: it is not we who have loved God, it is He, who loved us first".


Story of the Imprimatur

STELLA MARIS 485 SUMMARY Books by Léandre Lachance

I received a letter from Cardinal Janis Pujats, Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of Riga (Latvia), which greatly pleased me.

I did not know this man of God, but he had already read the volumes “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus.” The Cardinal was deeply touched by the reading of Volume I of this series.



Thought of the Day


Thoughts 3B_29: My little one, I am never weary of receiving your requests, especially when I see in your heart the desire to fulfill My Will and that of My Father. Divinely, I love you.


Today's Thought of the Day comes from the book For the Happiness of my own, My Chosen Ones – Jesus, by Léandre Lachance, Volume 3, number 66..