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Guidelines to implementing a Community of Love and Sharing

The Communities of Love and Sharing (C.L.S.)

Messages from “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. JESUS” volume 2

(December 8 1999)

After the book “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. JESUS” was published, I heard several positive comments from people who had given their “yes” to the Lord and who were looking for one or more means to continue to make progress and remain faithful to their “yes.”

On July 4 1999, I made the following prayer:

<Through the hands of the Lord Jesus, through the intercession of Mother Mary, in union with the Saints of Heaven and earth, in the company of the Holy Angels, I want to present to the Father the readers of the book For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones JESUS. I present those who feel the need to share and deepen along with others what they have learned from this reading, and receive from others the fruit of their reflections.

May the Holy Spirit pour His Light into the hearts of people who wish to experience mutually this new way of living. May they let this new being of Love live as it takes more and more space in them and acknowledge their solidarity with others to fulfill themselves completely. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer.>

What follows was realized according to the five messages received on July 4, 6, 7, 11 and September 20, 1999, and that you will find regrouped in connection with the establishment of the small Love and Sharing Communities.

These were written in an attitude of attentive listening to the Lord. They must be read with this same attitude.

Léandre Lachance


Particular goal: to become a being of Love

“You are setting out from a structured world and operating on the level of the intelligence; this requires much knowledge and know-how related to performance, competition, the rise of rivalries, divisions, wars, etc. You are entering into a world that will live first and foremost on the level of the heart where intelligence, knowledge and know-how will be at the service of the heart. This state of being, requiring self-denial, generosity and commitment, will bring about unity, joy and peace.”

General goal: to enter into this New Church and Society

“You are living in a world that has placed its trust in the power of man; the new world will place its trust in the Almighty Power of the Love of God.

Before you can live in this New Society, you must be part of this new Church. When we speak of Church, we are speaking of collegiality and community.

The Love I am pouring into the hearts must be shared with others, hence the importance of being in small communities to share and receive the Love that was accepted by the one or other person.

There is only one unique road to enter into this New Church: accepting My Love, becoming Love and spreading Love. These small communities will be places of learning to make available to all what each person experiences deep down in his being in order to live this true Love, always and everywhere.”



“The small Love and sharing communities are places of learning for people who are filled with the same desire. They abstain from casting their eye on the transformation of others, but are concerned

solely about their own inner transformation. Thus they may discover what they must offer to the Father’s Mercy to become beings filled with Love and let the Love of the Father circulate freely through them.

A community is when there are two or more persons assembled together. For the sharing to be good, the group must not be greater than fifteen members. These small Love and Sharing Communities may be formed starting from the initiative of one or more individuals.”


“It is recommended that the C.L.S. be formed as naturally as possible with people of the same milieu, of the same region, of the same town or village, of the same district, of the same neighborhood.

For Love to reign, there must be much flexibility concerning the other points, particularly the time mentioned as being the maximum, possibly reduced much, especially in the beginning.

However, the time set aside to enter into an intimacy with the Lord must be respected but never prolonged.

Inasmuch as this is possible, these meetings will take place on a weekly basis.”

Unfolding in three stages:

•   “A first stage to enter into a relationship of intimacy with the Blessed Trinity, possibly by prayer for a period representing a third of the length of the meeting – time devoted to the Eucharist or adoration according to the possibilities. When there is adoration, it will be partly silent and partly directed. The basis of the directed prayer may be centered on the word “ARDOR” (adoration, reparation, demands, offerings, rendering thanks).”

•  “For the second part (time devoted to teachings, a maximum of forty-five minutes)) the suggestion is to start with the reading of an excerpt from the Word of God, perhaps a psalm, according to the inspiration. The second reading may be drawn from the book For the Happiness of My Own, My chosen Ones JESUS. Another choice: a text or a cassette dealing with spirituality apt to inspire the group.

The task of teaching may be carried out with the collaboration of members. It may also be reduced according to the wishes of the leader of the teaching.”

•   “The third period will be that of sharing. Members may exchange views either on the understanding of the texts presented, or on the way of integrating it into one’s daily life, or on an experience related by one of the members of the community.”

Location and length of the meetings

“The group will choose a suitable location for these meetings. Private homes are most suitable places, provided they do not disturb or are not disturbed by the other occupants.

It is recommended that an alternation of residences be established, taking into account the availability, and without any obligations imposed on anyone.

The group will decide on the length of these meetings, which may vary from one to three hours, according to the wishes of the members and their prayer habits, and according to the number of participants.

When the meeting lasts two or more hours, a break (relaxation and beverages) would be convenient.”

Basic rules

“All your habits must be questioned, starting with your way of praying, thinking, listening and speaking.

  • Therefore, an important transformation must take place starting from the interior life of each person, on the level of his way of thinking, being and acting. This transformation starts from a total, unconditional and irrevocable ‘yes,’ added to a multitude of little ‘yeses’; and from the ‘no’ to everything that is irreconcilable with and an obstacle to the full realization of the ‘yes’ given repeatedly.

  • This ‘yes’ will be the one and only requirement to be part of these Love and sharing communities. For a better understanding of this ‘yes,’ it would be preferable that the person read the teachings given up to this day in the volume and adhere to them completely.

  • The C.L.S. are launched to meet the true need of the person who has just given his total, unconditional and irrevocable ‘yes.’

  • That person needs the support of people who have also given their ’yes’, to be nourished continually by prayer, fasting, the reception of sacraments, long periods of intimacy with the Lord, and the good teachings on this new way of thinking, being and acting.

  • Moreover, that person needs to experiment with other people who have given their ‘yes’ to this new way of living, before he can integrate it into his daily life, always and everywhere.

  • The basic rule will be the acceptance of the other as he is, so that everyone may feel respected, welcomed and loved.

  • For people who have given their ‘yes,’ the C.L.S. will replace social gatherings, often empty of meaning, values or real love, with meetings that will be true nourishment for the heart, the soul and the mind.

  • These small communities of Love and sharing do not aim at replacing a community or a prayer group that is functioning well, or even of changing them.”


“My little one, let yourself be imbued more and more with My intimacy. This intimacy with Me is the basis of the transformation that is taking place in you. The complement is the relationship you have with others and which should always be lived in this atmosphere of Love.

Since it is difficult for you to live this relationship with people who are on your path, you need to train yourself with people who have the same aspirations as you have. Hence the importance of the small Communities of Love and Sharing that will enable you to learn and experience the following points:

  1. Accepting yourselves as you are, with your shortcomings and weaknesses.
  1. Accepting the other as he is, without wanting to change him.
  1. Learning to listen to the other in what he is and what he is living.
  1. Accepting that you are all equal.
  1. That each may express himself as he wishes, but without being forced to do so.
  1. That each may be invited to lead the meeting, without however imposing this responsibility on anyone.
  1. That each may express himself according to his needs, without being in a framework that is too rigid.
  1. That each may discover the importance of seeking the truth and not of seeking to be right by justifying the opinion already expressed.
  1. That each may learn to trust the group and each individual composing it.
  1. That each may accept another’s expression of an opinion contrary to his own, without feeling rejected.
  1. Learning to forgive oneself and others.
  1. That each may know he is loved and appreciated by others who are part of the small community.
  1. Showing one’s appreciation and Love to others.
  1. Discovering the importance of living these meetings in great intimacy with Jesus who expresses himself now through this one, now through another.
  1. Being constantly guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit, asking Him constantly for His Light.
  1. Asking for and expecting everything from the Father.

These are a few of the main guidelines for these meetings, keeping in mind that what is essential and must come first is Love. It is by accepting the Father’s Love that one may live and give it to others.

Blessed are you for being on this road that leads to Love in its plenitude.

Tenderly, I love you all. Tenderly, I love you.”


To become beings of love

“My little one, I told My apostles that they would be recognized as My disciples by the Love they would have for one another. It is still by this sign that you will be recognized today as My chosen ones. It is also by the Love you have for one another that you may see whether or not you are a being full of Love.

Remember that the solution will not come from you, but really from Me, your God. It is solely because Love loves you that you can become beings full of Love. Give all that you will feel contrary to Love to the Father’s Mercy so that He may change it into Love.”

If your thoughts are negative

“Even if you do not say any disagreeable or hurting words to others, if your thoughts are critical, negative or imbued with prejudice against others, you prevent Love from circulating freely in and through you. As soon as you are at grips with such destructive thoughts, you must hand them over to the Father’s Mercy, asking Him to change your heart to enable it to accept the other as he is, to let Love circulate freely among you.

Learn to see the beautiful that the Father accomplishes in others rather than point out the weaknesses and the failings.”

If there are conflicts

“Conflicts and difficulties must be accepted as situations to demonstrate to you your vulnerability and your weakness, and to urge you to turn to Me, your Father, to hand everything over to Me and expect everything from Me.

It is impossible to bring about such a transformation on your own, especially if you are a person inclined to criticize, having been very demanding on others and yourself. Love alone has the power to exercise such a transformation provided you give it the freedom to act and provided you change your habits of seeing, thinking and judging others.”

If there are profound difficulties

“When we are aware that the anticipated fruits are not produced in a C.L.S. we must turn immediately to the Father to hand over everything to Him and expect everything from Him after having asked Him for everything.

Each member must examine himself starting from the many teachings contained in these writings. If the evidence becomes too difficult to bear for a particular member, the latter should preferably withdraw temporarily, gently, to spend more time in intimacy with the Lord rather than impose his will on the group or undertake to change the one or the other of the members.

That there be moments that are more difficult is normal in order to live the true dimension of forgiveness and be aware that Love is stronger than everything else. What is less normal is persistent uneasiness.”


“By becoming beings of Love, you spread Love and others will be transformed; not by what you will say, but solely by what you will be.

Love will be at the rendezvous of each of these meetings: thus, you will become Love more rapidly. I will always be there at the rendezvous to express My Love to you for I love you madly.

Blessed are you, men and women, for being on this way that leads you to the plenitude of Love. Have no fear, give your consent and Love takes care of everything. Receive My Kiss of tenderness and Love.”

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