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From the Cardinal of Latvia

All our volumes have received the imprimatur from the Cardinal of Latvia, His Eminence Cardinal Janis Pujats. “Imprimatur” is a Latin word meaning “approval by the Church to be printed!”

Testimony of the Cardinal of Latvia :

At the beginning of 2006, I received a copy of the Latvian translation of the book entitled: “For the Happiness of My own, My chosen Ones – Jesus” by Léandre Lachance. It was the very first of a trilogy of books that Léandre had written in French with such title. The Latvian translation was still in handwritten format and the copywriter had kindly requested me to assess it.

To assess copies of a religious nature is not a piece of cake. Being a Metropolitan Archbishop nominated by the Most Holy Father, I must read each and every text very carefully, with the greatest precaution and the highest sense of responsibility – both towards the author and the people who may read his books.

In any case, I abstract from giving my opinion regarding the supernatural character of these messages transmitted by Léandre throughout his books. I only certify that there is nothing in these writings that contravene the Christian faith and good habits and that, given so, these books may be recommended for reading.

At the very beginning of volume 1 (in the third dialogue dated 11th of November 1996), Jesus talks to Léandre, thereby requesting him the following:

“Do you agree to be for me the one who lives only for me? and who renounces to his own well-being, image, reputation, and thoughts, especially?!”

I understood immediately that these words not only applied to the “little” Léandre (like Jesus calls him in all three volumes), but also to me, personally, and to any other person willing to create close links with God.

These are keywords. Am I ready to give my « yes » to Jesus, although it requires major sacrifices from me, even if I had to suffer in the process and even if I had to deprive myself from everything important and close to me?

It is a significant choice indeed but, should the reader decide to reply “yes” to Jesus, he would then receive and accept the content of these three books with a heart full of joy. And then the message conveyed by these books would reach him deeply and personally.

I have met Léandre twice, once in 2008 and once in 2009, while he was staying in Latvia to give conferences and lead retreats. During our last meeting, he thanked me warmly to have given my imprimatur, or the Church’s content for the Latvian translation of the three books that he had written. “How would I not have done so?” I replied to him, “I don’t see anything in these books that would contravene to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.”

I am convinced that during the next few years the demand will keep increasing for these three books written by Léandre and that many future generations will keep reading them. The spreading of these books worldwide will definitely not happen like that of best sellers which enjoy a sudden rise in popularity before they go out of fashion as quickly.

According to me, the fact that Léandre’s writings come from an interior inspiration makes them even more meaningful. I don’t doubt that the moving dialogue between Léandre and Jesus will inspire many more people and strengthen their faith and ties with God.

Books written by Léandre make it clear to us that we cannot be really happy otherwise than by giving and receiving Love. It is not possible to receive happiness neither through glory nor through wealth, nor through belongings, nor through many other things to which we grant great value in today’s world.

These books speak of God like Love. How can one communicate more clearly to humanity the great Love that God feels for each of us? I invite every single reader of these three volumes to accept God’s Love, to love one another with all his heart and to become a Love being.

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Cardinal Janis Pujats
Archevêque métropolite de l’archidiocèse métropolitain de Riga de la Sainte Église romaine


IMPRIMATUR de Mgr. Pavel Pezzi,
Archevêque de Moscou, Russie



Imprimatur Russe

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