2011 – Christmas message


In the Christmas 2010 message, I spoke to you about the gifts we can give to Jesus, making you the suggestion to offer Him our heart. This year, for the preparation of this great Christmas feast, I would like us to reflect together on the gifts that Jesus wants to give us.

I let myself be inspired by the first message of the second volume: “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus.” He means to tell each of us the following:

«The most beautiful gift that I can offer you for this Christmas is a fruitful gift in you, around you and through you, which you will never finish unpacking, which you will never finish discovering the beauty and wealth. This gift is My intimacy. The more we become intimate, the more you will benefit from what I have. As I have everything, everything becomes accessible to you. The gateway is Love; it is this door that allows you to enter the room where all the gifts of the Spirit, all the charisms and all My Peace are found.

Continue to attend this door of Love diligently through prayer, adoration and the practice of the sacraments; you will draw thus, more and more, in all My treasures. My desire is to be one with you as I am one with the Father. What belongs to the Father is mine, so what is mine is yours. The door is wide open, you can enter as often as you like. Every time you cross the threshold, you go a little further, you discover a little more. This is how you become a little more Love. You all become Love, you become Love. Tenderly, I love you. “

I understand that in this exchange of gifts with JESUS, we give Him what we are and in return, He gives us what He is. For example :

  • I give Him my unclean heart:
    • He gives me a pure heart.
  • I give Him a bad thought:
    • He gives me a good thought.
  • I give Him a bad habit:
    • He makes me take a good habit.
  • I give Him my fears:
    • He gives me his confidence.
  • I give Him my anger:
    • He gives me His kindness.
  • I give Him my mistakes:
    • He gives me His perfection.
  • I give Him my weakness
    • He gives me His Strength.
  • I give Him my helplessness:
    • He gives me His omnipotence.
  • I give Him my sin:
    • He gives me His great mercy.
  • I give Him a bad being:
    • He gives me a good being.
  • Etc.
    • Etc. 

As these exchanges take place, there are three important winners:

1. Me, who becomes a being of Love;

2. JESUS who obtains one more disciple, an apostle;

3. People around me benefit from my transformation.

Let us go to meet Him, live a true heart to heart with Him, become intimates of Our Lord Jesus Christ and allow ourselves to be transformed by His Love. Blessed are we for, because Love loves us, we become love!


I am more and more amazed to see the action of God in the transformation of hearts. It is a wide global movement, silent yet palpable, that will transform all humanity.

Blessed are we to be witnesses! Blessed are we to be chosen to be part of it and to be instruments in His hands to build this Civilization of Love.

We know that the Lord has many ways at his disposal to reach hearts. Let’s look at what He does, what happens through the work of the Chosen Ones of Jesus:

1) During retreats, more than 1000 people gave their “yes” to the Blessed Sacrament during the year.

2) We are now more than 6,400 subscribers to our Thought of the day. In addition, we added 2 new language choices this year: Arabic and Polish.

3) Also, the Thought of the Day by telephone is gaining popularity. There is an average of 100 calls a day! We plan to add Polish during 2012.

4) Our goal is the distribution of volumes at the best possible cost. Thus, we are currently in talks with Éditions du Parvis on this subject.

5) Books have been translated this year and some others are being translated. For example, the first 3 volumes are being translated into Arabic. Some translators who did not know each other came to us this year with an ardent desire to make this message of love accessible to Arabic speaking people.

6) To offer a moment of rest, as well as adoration and integration of the messages of Love of Jesus:

a. Our home Haven of Peace in St-Roch-de-l’Achigan (Quebec) has become even more rooted. Many retreatants have experienced beautiful graces of transformation.

b. The Roc-Estello site (83640 Plan d’Aups-Sainte-Baume, France) offers more and more retreats of inner awakening with the spirituality of the Chosen Ones of Jesus.

c. The Communion Marie-Reine de la Paix is also committing to this path (BP 24 – 53 170 Saint-Denis du Maine, France, tel .:

We learn that 850 people gave their yes via “the prayer of the yes”, composed and diffused by them: http://www.mariereine.com/priere-du-oui/

7) I gave 13 retreats of 2 to 5 days, 2 days of healing and 12 conferences in 5 countries (Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium). We invite you to visit our website to know the upcoming activities for 2012.

8) 20 video clips are now available on our website and / or on the following websites: YouTube, Dailymotion and Gloria.tv. These are excerpts from the recordings contained on our 5 DVDs. We have also added 3 capsules in German on these same sites.

The Civilization of Love is really on the move … here are some proofs:

Some testimonials received in 2011:

Once again, I would like to say a big thank you for these daily messages that are a real gift. In more difficult moments, with these words, I had the precise answer of the Lord and the roadmap! In JESUS, our peace.

Father Nicolas Buttet

The discovery of your writings ‘For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” totally changed my relationship with God and brought me to a profound conversion. Thank you Lord for this essential meeting, which allowed me to discover, at 70, the real meaning of my existence.


For many years, I have been walking on this path of the Chosen ones of Jesus. I notice the inner transformations of my whole being, and this peaceful and loving trust sets in to make of my life a path of light … On many occasions, I have been the amazed witness of the act of Jesus through me, or in answer to my prayers. That’s why I am in hope and permanent trust …


I wanted to thank you for suggesting I go to the Haven of Peace House. It was filled with wonders of the Lord for me! The first night, I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament and I felt very strongly the mercy of the Lord. I was doing my pardons and I had so much love in my heart. Then, the second night, I returned to the Blessed Sacrament to present my pardons. Once again, I felt a lot of love! I took the opportunity to surrender everything to the Lord. Thank you for all your teachings that are very useful to me at all times.


I am a deacon of the Egyptian Orthodox Church who has been living in France for 21 years. One day, I heard Mr. Lachance on Radio Notre-Dame and something inspired me to visit his website. I started reading with some suspicion, but I quickly felt like an orphan finding his father whom he sought all his life. And I, who am a member of a church that disagrees with the faith of the Catholic Church, began to attend it. Then, my heart burned with desire to see the three volumes “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” translated into Arabic. So I started this project and with the help of God, I almost finished the first draft of this translation. Yes, I am sure, the flow of love of these writings is able not only to open hearts, but to make unity in the hearts of different churches! Everybody in the Arab countries is looking for God, but unfortunately, we are looking for him with our head and since God is at the level of the heart, we do not find him. These books lead us to Him!

S. H.

I discovered your website by chance. To this day, I do not stop reading the three volumes “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus”. I feel engaged in a real path of transformation. I begin to see the world differently, according to Jesus’ gaze. This book helps me to come closer to Jesus.


What a joy to have heard you on the radio show “What’s the use of the Church?” It is with great emotion that, every morning, I welcome what Jesus tells me by the Thought of the Day! These words come to me as an obvious truth. I open my heart to the Lord.

I give Him my Yes every day, letting him act in me.

I want to live in that complete love that He gives me.

It is a great grace to feel “chosen” by Jesus, for life.

Fortified by this thought every day, I allow myself to be invaded by His Love, in order to radiate it to all those who are on my path.

Also, I listen a lot to the songs of the CDs of the Chosen Ones of Jesus!

I often repeat my Yes unconditionally before the Blessed Sacrament!

I give thanks to the Lord for being one of the Chosen, and I want nothing but to be the docile instrument of my Lord’s plan of love!

Thank you to the Lord for giving us access to this heart to heart with Love! What a wonderful grace for each of us!


I am one of those who faithfully wait for the Thought of the day. As soon as I started reading the messages, I really took their content seriously. I still have an immense, irresistible desire to read them and let myself be invaded by Love. What touches me most is the pedagogy of God. Each time, I truly receive a tenderness, a consolation, an infinite mercy that gives me the strength to get back on my feet every day, in all the circumstances of everyday life. When I attended a retreat given by Léandre, I was on the brink of depression and was in deep melancholy. My couple was experiencing difficulties, our children had turned against us. Returning from the retreat, with my husband, we read each day “The Thought of the Day” and little by little, drop by drop, the situation has completely changed, but especially our hearts, our couple became more peaceful: tenderness has allowed to chase away all misunderstandings, judgments, worries, disputes …


Thank you my dear Jesus, for Your daily messages, so precise and nourishing! Thank you for my faithful and obedient Good Angel who helps me to accept that the personal intimacy that You make us live, is really contradictory with the thoughts of the world. On the other hand, the fact of knowing oneself in mission with You and in Your wake is like food … the more we taste, the more we love it, the more we want to feed ourselves with it. What a gift, Lord, to be part of Your Chosen One!


This Daily Thought makes me evolve in my spiritual life because I am convinced that Jesus speaks to me personally and tells me what I need in my present situation. I make sure to send it every day to many of my friends who are also deeply touched by it! It is a marvel of our time and the most beautiful gift that Jesus gives us!

R.M. – Subscriber to the Thought of the Day since its beginnings.

“Because Love loves you, you become Love! “


And Happy and Holy Year 2012 !!!

Léandre Lachance

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