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2014 – Christmas message

2014 – Christmas Letter 2014 by Léandre Lachance

To be docile to the inspiration I receive at the approach of the great Christmas celebration, I offer you, from Jesus, the following gift:

“My little one, I open your heart, I dilate it, I cut all that ties it down, I want it to be wide open for this great Christmas celebration.

As a gift, I want to offer you to pour a flood of Love into your heart. Your total, unconditional and irrevocable “yeses” give Me the freedom to do so in your heart.

It is within your very heart that I want to make My home there, as I want you to always live inside of Mine. 

With this Christmas Day which is the celebration of My first coming on this earth, there is always a multitude of graces, blessings and Love that are poured into the hearts. On this Christmas Day 2014, I want to start with you a new Alliance.

You know what the word “alliance” means, which is much more than an alibi relationship (which is a remote relationship in the exercise of your current activities); or an alloy relationship (which is a relationship of accommodation between My Will and yours, a union of life with Me, but not in Me, where each one retains his identity).

An Alliance relationship is an authentic relationship with the One who wants to marry your soul. It is the union of holiness. You live for Me, you dwell in Me. You are EVERYTHING to ME, I am ALL to YOU. YOU and I, we are EVERYTHING.

It is this Covenant that I offer you as a gift for this Christmas.

This is a gift that you will never finish unpacking, which will unravel little by little, every time you call on Me and that you place yourself in My Presence, no matter where you are, no matter what you do.

You will see this gift unravel every time I use you to pour My Love into the heart of a person I put in your way.

You will witness what this gift of the Covenant produces in hearts. What you will witness will be but a tiny part of what this Covenant produces which is exerted especially in the invisible, so without your knowledge, without you really knowing that it is realized, if not in faith, and your heart is fulfilled.

Take the time to welcome, meditate and taste the flavor of this gift inside your heart.

This gift, I will give to a multitude, often without your knowledge, but, on occasion, you will be witnesses.

• Welcome Love.

• Become Love.

• Give Love.

There is no more beautiful and bigger mission on this earth! Blessed are you to be already in this mission. You become more and more Love. Tenderly, I love you all. Tenderly, I love you. ”


Looking at 2014

In my 2013 Christmas letter, I quoted Saint John the Baptist: “He must increase; I must decrease. » (John 3, 30)

As a result of the vertigo I suffered from August 2012 until September 2013, I was forced to decrease my activities, to slow down. No more trips to Europe (there were thirty from 2001 until 2012).

The work of the Chosen Ones of Jesus is experiencing a faster expansion since I agreed to slow down. Here are some data from 2014:

  1. The number of Thought of the Day subscribers increased from 7000 to 8500.
  2. In a year and a half on Facebook, we have accumulated more than 1.3 million likes and it’s still progressing! 90% of the authors of our Likes are under 35 years old; which fills us with hope for the future.
  3. We went from 4200 calls per month to 5000 on our Thought of the Day phone lines.
  4. The circulation of the volumes: The first volume “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” was published 15 years ago and is still very popular, which confirms the statement of the Cardinal of Latvia that says: “These books will be translated into several other languages and will be in demand for generations to come “…
  5. The experience of retreats in Mauritius and the growing desire of many people to have homes where people can experience true healing by meditating the messages of Love that are contained in the volumes or on CDs and DVDs, are obvious.
  6. The distribution of testimonials continues to increase.
  7. The video clips of the “weekly rendezvous” are more and more viewed.
  8. Countless people pray for the transformation of hearts according to the plan of God, our Father.
  9. We are preparing for the beginning of 2015, enthusiastically, an application for smart phones that will consolidate our main services.

Blessed are we
to be on this path that
leads us to the fullness of Love,
to witness His action
and to be associated
to this beautiful and great mission!

Merry Christmas and Holy Year 2015!

Léandre Lachance

We invite you to watch our Christmas video on our website: www.fcdj.org

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