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2016 – Christmas message

2016 – Christmas letter 2016 by Léandre Lachance

It is with great joy in my heart that I come to offer you my best wishes for the great Christmas celebration. For twenty years I have been fulfilled in a special way by the Lord. In this time of grace, I want you all to benefit from the many graces I have received. Thus, we will be able to celebrate together Jesus’ birthday with a heart renewed by His Love.

What gives me this hope and fills me with joy and gratitude, is to note the fulfillment of the promises that we find in these volumes.

Let us review together some of these promises so that Jesus may again spread the multitude of His graces and blessings upon each and every one of us. May His graces and blessings also reach all humanity on the occasion of His birthday. In this year of the twentieth anniversary of the Chosen Ones of Jesus, I remember the very beginnings of this great adventure where I was inspired in November 1996.

* * * * * *

Prologue of the first volume:

“What I am achieving within and through you at this moment, I will do within and through anyone who will read these lines and give me his consent. I promise this: that person will receive the same Love that I am pouring into you at this moment.” (p. 86)

Prologue of the second volume:
“As I have often mentioned, when I speak to you, I am speaking to all the readers, men and women; however, your way of living these teachings is different; not only different, but unique to each one of you. Having been created “unique,” it is normal that the transformation into beings of Love is as unique as the mission assigned to each one by the Father. What is important is to give Him your ‘yeses’…” (No 30)

Prologue of the third volume:
“Two types of fires can purify man: the Fire of love and the fire of suffering. The two often operate simultaneously for quick and better results. It is the way we welcome the one and the other, that allows them to act quickly and effectively. Purification is always followed by jubilation, for it draws you closer to your Creator and your God.

* * * * * *

Promise of volume number 1, message # 39

“Have no fear, you have found favor in My sight, and so will all those who will read these lines. I am holding you by the hand as I held Peter’s hand when fear was making him sink into the sea. I promise you, every time fear will make you sink, cry out to Me, I will take you by the hand and keep you safe.”

Promise of volume number 1, message # 41

“You are the one who decides the hour and the moment; I am always there, with open arms, ready to welcome you, no matter what feelings may dwell in you, no matter what the state of your soul and mind may be. Come and snuggle in My arms, you will be comforted there, I promise you.

 Promise of volume number 1, message # 52

“Every time you have a concern, instead of trying to resolve it yourself, hasten to give it to Me. I promise you, it will become Mine and I will act quickly.”


Promise of volume number 1, message # 114

“When you come before My Presence (no matter where you are) and you wish to enter into a more intimate relationship with Me, I indicate you two ways where you will be sure to meet Me: that of Love and that of smallness. You only have to concentrate yourself and accept My Love or concentrate yourself and accept your lowliness. In the two cases, you will always meet Me. I will always be on these two roads that are somewhat like the two rails on which I travel regularly. I promise that you will be able to meet Me along this road of two rails which I indicate you. Everyone who reads these lines will also receive this teaching.


Promise of volume number 3, message # 8

As you read this, give thanks immediately to the Father for the Love He is pouring into your heart even if you feel nothing. You must first believe, then see and feel. You will feel in your heart that I love you inasmuch as you will have believed that I love you. I promise you this. After you have tasted My Love, you will be a witness of My Love.


Promise of volume number 3, message # 36

Blessed are you to find yourself so close to our Hearts. Every time suffering overwhelms you, turn your gaze to the Father to find out how you are loved by Him and how close you are to our Hearts. You will feel our Love. I promise you. You will discover that our Love that dwells in you is much more powerful than your suffering. You will be happy to have had these sufferings that make you benefit from so much Love. This is the road the Father has chosen for you and your son to lead you on the way to the fullness of Love.


Promise of volume number 3, message # 77

You are one of my most beautiful roses. Do not be afraid to come and throw yourself into my arms. All I have is love for you: open your heart still wider. If you have difficulty in opening it, give Me the permission and, by a total and unconditional ‘yes’ I will act.

I promise you, I have a chest filled with treasures only for you. I am waiting until your heart is ready to accept them. You will witness my Action more and more in you, around and through you.


Promise of volume number 3, message # 93

Blessed are you for being and for having let me transform you by my Love. Go and share this joy and happiness especially with those whose mission is to guide souls. Men and women, who would be met with a rebuff or with a priest who would try to put out the fire I have just kindled, keep your fire, deposit this situation in the Father’s Mercy and pray for this priest. At times, you may fast for him and, once again, you will witness my Action, I promise you.


Promise of volume number 3, message # 1

” My little one, we are now entering into a third phase: the fulfillment of the promise. You will therefore have to write more and more what you will witness concerning the Action of God in you, around and through you. These writings will be a source of confirmation of a God in action for the reader. The first two volumes of this series contain the matter and the teachings of formation and transformation for the years to come.

The person, who has given a total, unconditional and irrevocable ‘yes’ to the Lord, the person that will draw nourishment from the contents of these two volumes, will discover that the more he rereads and meditates on them, the more he prays and devotes moments of intimacy with the Lord, the broader will be the transformation taking place in him. He will be aware that the Lord loves him more and more and will be able to live in jubilation even in the midst of great sufferings and tribulations. This transformation of hearts, occurring at this time, must happen worldwide. It will produce a New Church that will build a New Society.

Blessed are you for being witnesses of God’s Action, and do not be afraid to make his Action known throughout the world. The more his Action will be known, the greater the number of persons who will give their ‘yes,’ the greater will be the number of persons transformed and the more space there will be for the Action of God on earth.

The Love you will receive in your heart is much greater than a human love, this is a divine Love. Yes, divinely, I love you all. I love you. »

And it is signed: JESUS who loves you – tenderly!

Because Love loves you, you become love


As you can see, the Lord is faithful to His promises. Let us remember, when Adam and Eve sinned, without delay, God promises to send a Savior: promise made, promise fulfilled with the coming of Jesus in our history. This coming, God prepared it carefully. He chose the Virgin Mary, this humble and loving woman. She gave life to Love and even today we are the beneficiaries. Jesus gave it to us for Mother and it is worthwhile to welcome him as such. She constantly watches over us and her deepest desire is that we are like her Son, that we are Love: this Contagious Love that will transform the world so that it becomes a great place to live. Our world needs to discover this Great Project of God and stop wars.

We have just finished the year of Mercy. Throughout the world, abundant graces have been poured into hearts. Pope Francis said, “The Holy Door is closing, but the Door of Mercy remains open. ”

May the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, accompany us throughout this New Year, when God will continue to spread His graces in abundance. Will He find welcoming hearts to make them grow?

Merry Christmas ! Happy and Holy Year!

Léandre Lachance

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