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2017 – Christmas message

2017 – Christmas Letter 2017 by Léandre Lachance

Hello, dear Chosen Ones of Jesus,

My heart is trully filled with joy to offer you my best wishes on the occasion of this great Christmas celebration for which we are all preparing.

During this time of the year, as we know, we talk a lot about gifts. There are gifts that we receive and for which we are disappointed; there are gifts that are taken and which, a short time later, are returned to the store; others are thrown away. For my part, I want to share a gift that I have never finished unraveling … it is a gift that I received from the Lord exactly twenty years ago, on December 24, 1997.

In the message n ° 168 of Volume 1 “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus,” Jesus speaks to us about the gift of the covenant. Jesus wants to make a covenant with us, and on the occasion of His birthday, He takes the opportunity to make this new covenant. Our faith is based on the covenant God made with man from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and the prophets, and especially this covenant with Mother Mary to give us Her Savior. That same covenant, He also made with the first apostles who were the pillars of our Church, with the saints and the martyrs, with all those who went through the Church to allow Jesus to get to us.

Today, Jesus wants to make us the gift of this covenant, and He explains to us in message 168 what this word means (see figure below). Very often, people have a relationship with God at a distance, an alibi relationship: “God is above, I am here, I communicate with Him, etc.” When we take more time with God, when we give Him a more total Yes, He makes us live other things and leads us to an alloy in which we are united to Him, while remaining what we are. There is our will and that of God, and we try to accommodate ourselves with both. It’s the alloy … it’s better than a remote relationship, but it’s not the alliance yet. The covenant is the relationship in which God wants us to melt with Him, like waxes which, as the Holy Curé of Ars said, once melted, can no longer be differentiated. There is no longer my will on one side, and on the other hand the will of God … my will is melted in His. It is He who inspires me, it is He who guides me, it is He who comes to love people through me.

In order for this covenant relationship to occur, I need to always recognize myself ever smaller, more and more fragile, surrendering myself totally in His hands. This covenant gift I received twenty years ago, I have not finished unraveling it yet! It is much more important to me today than it was before. And as Jesus says, He did not give me this gift especially to me, but He did it for all of humanity, and in a special way for those who are the Chosen Ones of Jesus, reading the books or following us in any way.

The covenant is therefore the gift that I ask for each one of you this Christmas, so that it unfolds throughout the year and that in the end, we can say like Saint Paul: “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal 2, 20)

Figure illustrating the way I understand the three different relationships with God


It should be noted that the “M” decreases to symbolize that I must accept to diminish in order to have a more intimate relationship with God, and to diminish once more to become “one” with Him.

On the other hand, I witness so many fires burning in the world, in the Fire of His Love Fire. The Lord works wonders! Did you know that more than 2.6 million people are subscribed to our Facebook page? And that our website records more than 1.5 million visits a year? I invite you to read some testimonials received this year … They are still as abundant! I am amazed at how much you share with us the wonders that Jesus has been giving you through His love for almost 20 years. I give glory to God!

Best wishes for Christmas!
Happy New Year 2018!

Léandre Lachance

* * * * * *

Some testimonials received in 2017

I found the place for my holidays: my heart! This is where I want to spend my holidays, no matter where I am and who I am with. I want to spend more time reading inspired books that tell me about God’s love for us. I know that the greatest happiness on this earth lies only there, and not elsewhere


I started reading the book “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus”and I was overwhelmed. I found all the answers to the questions about love I had asked the Lord, clear and precise answers. I realized that the Lord is truly present with me. This book is a treasure that I keep preciously, that I read and re-read. I am overwhelmed by the words of love, tenderness and mercy of Jesus.


I read the first book “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” and I felt that Jesus was speaking to me personally. I hastened to give Him my total Yes. I already lived in intimacy with Jesus, but it was another case of love at first sight. Everything became even more beautiful: nature, people, priests, the Eucharist. The short prayer “Because Love loves you, you become Love!”, I repeat it in my heart for the people I meet in the street, on the bus, in the church, everywhere. So, there is no room for criticism or boredom, and it’s wonderful.


Every night, my husband and I pray and read a page from one of the three volumes “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus.” It helps us a lot and allows us to live in peace and hope. We try to give our Yes to Jesus and to surrender to Him our concerns and our worries. I remain confident and my anxieties are gone. We are witnesses to His action, and we are happy to receive from Him love for us and for those around us.


I feel that Jesus is gaining more and more place in my life. Our small “Community of Love and Sharing (C.L.S.)” meets every two weeks. We experience one hour meetings. We share on a number of one of the volumes. Oftentimes, it is a beautiful sharing on the experience of the action of God in everyday life. I remain convinced that the Lord works in all of us.

Sr C.L.

We shared our concern about the difficulties our daughter is experiencing. The answer we received was “to advance in pure faith”. I was sure it was the way. And Jesus came to raise our daughter! One day, she followed us to a Eucharistic celebration preceded by adoration. She who believed in nothing was transformed. She’s praying with us now.


Thanks to the messages contained in the books “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” we can follow Jesus to become Love. Reading the book, I quickly realized that Jesus was guiding me. He showed me my littleness and my failings to Love. Then, one day, I received on my computer the “Thought of the Day”. Since then, I have experienced a great transformation. It is Jesus who operates. Only, I am nothing! He lives in me. He is my guide, my dear friend.


It’s been awhile since I’ve been following the Chosen Ones of Jesus on social networks. Since then, my life has taken another turn. I was a man full of hatred and revenge. But, a few months ago, I said Yes to Jesus. Then, I watched on YouTube videos of Mr. Lachance on Love and since then, my heart is filled with Love, “because Love loves me and I become Love”. The resentments I had no longer exist. My heart was liberated and my life literally changed.


It has been three or four years since I have been nourishing myself of the three volumes “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus “and, for two or three years, I have been listening to the weekly videos listed on your site every day. I pass them in loop: when I arrive at the last page, I resume at the beginning. The texts are always the same, but they resonate each time differently in my heart. It completely changed my life. Needless to say, I was very happy to discover your Facebook Live videos. It’s wonderful !


“For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones”, “Tenderly and wildly, I love you”, “Love loves you and you become Love” are expressions that have deeply overwhelmed me. It is the declaration of love of the Lord. These volumes came to definitively confirm the presence of the Lord in my heart and not on the outside. They revealed to me the importance of giving to the Father our most precious possession, our freedom and our total, unconditional and irrevocable Yes to His will, passing through the three Yes: Yes, I am very small; Yes, I know that You love me; Yes, I welcome Your graces.


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