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You will experience a new Paschal event!

As we approach this great holiday, meditating on the beauty and extraordinary power of this great “passage”, I always ask myself:

How can I prepare for it?

I like to meditate the following message, starting with the prologue, (no. 27, vol. 27):

– “As I have often mentioned, when I speak to you, I speak to all readers; however, your way of living these teachings is different; not only different, but unique for each of you.

Created ‘unique,’ it is normal that the transformation to become beings of Love be as unique as the mission chosen for each one by the Father. The important thing is to give Him your repeated ‘yes’.” –

“My little one, devote some time to Me, your God, to let Me prepare your heart for the great Feast of Easter that is coming soon.

While you are preparing your heart, that is making it purer and purer, a multitude of hearts are purified, renewed in My Love, and enabled to accept Me is an different way. This is really a new Paschal event for these hearts. If I insist on your preparation, it is because you too will experience a new Paschal event.

You are in this great passage that leads you into this New Church, as the Jewish people had to cross the Red Sea to reach the Promised Land. You must also cross from your exterior life to the interior one.

They were led by a cloud; you are led by the light of My Love, by My Spirit. The cloud accompanied them day and night; the light of My Love accompanies you day and night. This light allows you to see all the events that come up, from a different angle, with a new look. Everything becomes changed in your sight and it is at this moment that everything changes before your sight, that a New Earth is being built by a New Church.

What the Father accomplishes with a heart renewed by a sincere ‘yes’ is beyond the imagination. I am the Risen One and I want to rise in all the hearts. Time is of the essence. I need many risen hearts to open the hearts that are far from Me.

Let yourself be transformed and guided in faith. This is how you become Love. Tenderly, I love you.”


Here is a beautiful testimony that confirms this teaching:

Dear Mr. Léandre Lachance,

I write to you because I have learned so much and benefited from your books that it would be ungrateful to remain silent.

My big lesson in life has been to learn to accept – accept myself, accept others, accept the circumstances of life. But until I read your books, I did not understand it, and I did not see that I had not yet integrated this lesson.

I rebelled against my parents who were in perpetual conflict. I rebelled against the mother in me, refusing to have children and choosing a career path that uses masculine rather than feminine qualities. I rebelled against my superiors whom I could not bear their authority. I separated from my husband because he was depending too much on me and, feeling exhausted, I wanted to take off. I met a soul mate who rejected me, and it hurt me so much that I lived in recent years in a kind of latent depression, not knowing how to extract myself from the depths of sadness. Finally, I rejected the Catholic Church in adolescence, and wanted to seek God and Truth elsewhere. In readings, in Buddhism, in some New Age spiritual ways, but certainly not in what I considered to be a dogmatic institution that rejects women.

I did a lot of harm, to others and to myself, by rebelling. I never complained much, but my heart aches and bleeds since a long time, and I have gradually isolated myself from the world. For the past ten years, everything in my life has been evolving on a downward slope rather than in the direction of the Light. And it is not my efforts of will and tenacity that could change anything.

After Christmas, however, I went back to confession, listening to the Word of God, and taking communion. I had asked Mary to lead me to the Truth, and she first led me to read the Messages of Medjugorje, then to the confessional. I opened your book (volume 1), which a cousin had given me a few months ago. I then discovered the other volumes on your website. Every day I read and reread your lines. Every day, I feel that Jesus makes me understand why I have suffered, and that I must now accept all that comes to purify it. Every day, I feel better. A great childhood injury was healed in two days. The pain of the rejection of my soul mate and the misunderstanding it provokes are also healing.

Although it is still early to see clearly what is taking shape, I already observe that some things that were previously stuck in my business are catching on. Many people have abused my generosity in this business, and this has cost me dearly financially. I feel that it was because I could not give them the Love they were looking for, since I wanted to do everything according to my own will.

For a long time now, in my heart, I have given to God all that I possess but without having given the necessary “yes”. Now, thanks to the lessons learned from your books, I understood that God cannot transform what we give Him if we do not accept ourselves, that we do not accept all that comes, the positive and the negative, that we do not accept His Church and His Sacraments.

The hardest thing for a rebel is to accept being small and accepting imperfection. In writing these lines, I recognize this difficulty, and I give it to Jesus, asking Him to continue to show me the path of humility and self-denial. I love Him with all my heart and soul, and I want to do His Will.

I thank you for all that your books have brought to my heart, and I would be happy to listen to you one day, God willing.

P. D. M.,  Ph. D.



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