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Three affirmations drawn from the Great Discoveries:

1.  We are at the dawn of the most beautiful story in the world!

2.  A New World Civilization is being built now!

      This is the Civilization of Love, as taught by John Paul II!

      It is truly on the move… The testimonials are daily, multiple and visible everywhere in the world!

3. A total yes to God surely changes my life and, therefore, the world!

AThe profound explanation of these affirmations is contained in the works published by the Foundation of the Chosen Ones of Jesus.

TIt is accessible to those who will read or listen to these publications, but especially to those who will meditate, pray and live them.

LÉANDRE LACHANCE, businessman, father of five, grandfather of sixteen grandchildren and six times great-grandfather

My DISCOVERIES, from "A" to "Z"

A – To live according to the teaching of Christ is the key to Happiness!

B – I have no power to change others; I can only be a source of inspiration for them through the radiance of the Love that inhabits me!

C – Only God can transform me according to His Plan of Love… until I become love.

D – The power of prayer!

E – The need to meditate regularly His Word!

F – The greatest power in the world is Jesus-Eucharist!

G – The active power of Jesus-Eucharist, in me and through me!

H – The importance of letting Him occupy all the space in me!

I – The grace of smallness that Mother Mary offers!

J – The possibility for me to be in communion with the Saints of Heaven and Earth!

K – The Effectiveness of the Ministry of Holy Angels!

L – Liberation by the Sacrament of Reconciliation!

M – The great benefits of Mercy and the embrace of the Love of God… without having deserved it!

N – The benefits of suffering, even if I do not understand it!

O – The essential is accomplished in the invisible!

P – The great inner peace provided by the grace of littleness, abandonment and confidence!

Q – The importance of challenging ourselves and being transformed by God!

R – Accepting to be a vessel (or an instrument) so that His Love passes through me to reach others… knowing that, by myself, I am helpless!

S – God wants to associate me to Him to fertilize the Earth with His Love!

T – I am called to become fruitful according to the charismas that God has given me!

U – The power of praise!

V – The joy of living in Thanksgiving!

W – The happiness of blessing God in everything and in everyone!

X – I’m just starting to see this New World arise!

Y – The most beautiful is forthcoming!

Z – Eternity will not suffice to give thanks to the Holy Trinity!



Votre dose d'amour quotidienne!

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