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EVENING PRAYER_2 – (Cardinal L.J. Suenens)

Lord, this day is coming to an end
and I come to you to offer you my day
with all that I could put good and less good.
For all that I have done well today,
I thank you because it is thanks to your help
that I have been useful to others.
In your mercy, forgive me
my negligence and my faults of this day.
Excuse my mediocrity and my forgetfulness.
Do not take into account the lack of respect
and attention that I was guilty of today.
With confidence, I put myself in your hands,
I entrust to you my sleep, my thoughts,
my joys and sorrows, knowing that you are ready
to forgive my weaknesses
and to assure me your help so that tomorrow
I can go back to your service
and at the disposal of all those who are dear to me.

Book: “The HAPPINESS of AGING”, Appendix 6

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