Give us (Léandre Lachance)

I would like to address the following requests to God:

1. Give us enough faith to believe in You, in those around us and in ourselves.
2. Give us enough love to love those whom You have put on our path, without judging them.
3. Give us enough hope to wish for success despite difficulties.
4. Give us enough mercy to forgive those who hurt us.
5. Give us enough humility, so that we can recognize our weaknesses, our mistakes, our failings and accept Your help and the assistance You offer us through others.
6. Give us enough dedication so that we can give without counting.
7. Give us enough patience to know how to wait.
8. Give us enough perseverance not to give up.
9. Give us enough discernment to know the difference between right and wrong.
10. Give us enough strength so that we can live according to the fruits of the Spirit.
11. Give us enough wisdom to learn by seeing others live.
12. Give us enough firmness so that we are able to impose a good discipline of life on ourselves.
13. Give us enough gratitude, so that we may thank You, praise You, bless You, give thanks for all that You do for us,


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