Prayer of the Chosen ones of Jesus

Holy Trinity, praise and glory be to You!
Eternal Father, I embrace your Love,
because I want to be guided and mastered by your Love.

Lord, I accept my sufferings, my weaknesses and my poverty,
my concerns, my littleness, my limits,
and my helplessness.
And I present this offering in the ocean of infinite Love,
that is your Sacred Heart,
so that You may transform and
purify me in the very depths of my soul.

Very humbly,
I give You my consent to act in me and
use me as a tool of love
in Your hands.
Keep me in the docility of
Your Divine Will,
in a spirit of trust, patience, gentleness and goodness.
Detach me from anything that prevents me
from belonging to You totally,
and to remain in the true freedom of the children of God.

Lord, I give You my unconditionnal and irrevocable yes for everything that will happen today, knowing that You are always there by my side and in me, with Your Holy Mother, enveloping me with Your most tender Love. I give You my yes with joy, so that You may open up countless hearts to Your Love and to conversion, and to transform humankind through building a New Church and a new world!

I join my prayers to Yours, to those of Mother Mary, of Saint Joseph and of all the saints and all the angels,
for the salvation of the world.

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