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A C.L.S. halfway around the world

One or two years ago, I ordered the three volumes of the trilogy “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus”. I was so touched by these words that I started talking to fellow parishioners who are also my friends. They ordered these volumes themselves and they were also touched.
I had a great desire to form a Community of Love and Sharing, but I think I was spending too much time thinking. I gave my “Yes” and, gradually, I let go and I said to the Lord: “If You want me to form a C.L.S. with some people, You decide where, when, how and with whom.” And so, for several months, nothing happened! I read and meditated the words of the book and when I was not feeling well, I asked the Lord to give me a word. Every time, it just corresponded to what I was living and that was the word I needed. I renewed my “Yes” every day. And then, a month ago, I submitted the idea of a meeting to two friends in my parish who also read the books. At first, I didn’t know how to do it, so I relied on the explanations about the C.L.S. contained in Volume 2.
We live in a small country village and we are fortunate to have at our disposal a small chapel with permanent worship. Last night, during our C.L.S. meeting, Jesus gave us message # 33 in Volume 1 and we were filled with joy.
I’ve just discovered your website and that’s why I would like to send you this little message to tell you that, halfway around the world, in New Caledonia, there is a small Community of Love and Sharing.
Because Love loves us, we become Love!

Click here to read more about the C.L.S.

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