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A Community of Love and Sharing

Reconverted by the teachings contained in the books “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus,” I feel a deep need to let those around me, those whom I carry in my heart, benefit from them. During the last four years, it has been my daily bread. Today, I can say that with God’s love and grace, at 74 years old, I finally found the way to become His child again. Having found joy and freedom, I cannot help but share this revelation with others, those who are ready to say in turn an unconditional “Yes” to the Love and the will of God.
That is why the idea of creating a Community of Love and Sharing sprouted in our parish. Of course, I presented and offered the three volumes to my confessor and spiritual director who quickly approved my project and agreed to accompany us, knowing that our CLS must not remain a closed circle of insiders but serve for the emergence of our parish community and beyond. At the moment, we are three convinced! I continue to flood all my contacts with the “Thought of the Day” and to diffuse the first book in a downloadable format for them to sample, hoping to stimulate “their appetite,” then I specify the site that allows everyone to get the books that will soon become road companions, alongside the Holy Bible and the Liturgy of the Hours. For me, this is really living our life with Jesus, with new found joy: “Thank you, Lord! You are truly the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Together, with grace, the Exhortations of Pope Francis and the teachings of the Chosen Ones of Jesus fully converge in the same direction, generating a profound harmony and a certainty: yes, Lord, it is Love, your Love, that will change the world!”

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