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10 September 2018

A New Life

I would like to thank you very much for having given your “Yes” to the Lord because, thanks to you, thousands of “Yes”, including mine, have been given throughout the world.
Having faith and being a practicing Catholic, I was always looking for what it was that was blocking me, making me doubt since childhood. I lived in fear, always anxious and very negative about everything. In short, I hated myself and wondered how to love my neighbor as myself, if I did not love myself. Despite these sufferings for so many years, thanks to the Lord, I am here today, surrounded always by my children and grandchildren.
Nearly a month ago, during a meeting with an acquaintance of mine, we talked about our little sufferings and it is at that moment that she suggested I participate in a retreat that she herself followed the previous year. She gave me the address of the website of the Foundation of the Chosen Ones (Fondation des Choisis de Jésus).
The same day, I am quick to connect to your website. I’m touched by your conferences, I begin reading the first volume of the trilogy “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” and I’m already transformed. I see the action of our Lord and to confirm all this, I’m lucky to be registered, with my wife, for the retreat that is organized this weekend on the spirituality of the Chosen Ones.
These are very intense moments of peace, joy and liberation. I feel liberated, overwhelmed with the joy of feeling loved by our Father. I feel like I’m living a new life. Thank you Lord.

Click here to view a retreat given by Leandre Lachance

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