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Converted by Love

I’m so happy to read Message 82 of Volume 1 of “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus”: “Only one thing is important for you, it is to be a docile instrument in the hands of the Father […] be without fear, you are guided by Love, you become Love.” These words made me weep with joy.
In the early 1990s, Jesus was speaking to me, although I was not practising. I didn’t even know that Jesus was God. It is as if a few drops of the grace bestowed upon M. Lachance had fallen upon my husband and myself. It was slightly the same message of love, only less complete.
On November 2, 1996, my husband and I converted. After our conversion, we experienced a lot of suffering, because we did not find the same philosophy in our local Church. God has given us a very strong desire to speak of His love for all His children, as stated in Message 82: “All that is given to you is for others.”
We have not found the necessary assistance for our own spiritual journey in our country. In 2000, we went to France to live there, welcome our friends, share our faith and our joy, and finally get help in our thirst for God.
At first, we made a lot of mistakes, because we didn’t know how to discern. We just didn’t let God act in us … Fortunately, God sent us to a community that helped us to take root increasingly into the Church.
You understand the joy we felt inside of us, when we began to read the teaching that God, the Virgin, St. Joseph and the Saints of Heaven gave through Léandre Lachance in the books “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones.” We now have grown in faith, but, with Grace, we hope to become little beings of love.
The desire to serve God has remained very strong in us and we are active whenever possible, even though we still make mistakes. I hope that God has also chosen us and we want to be docile, in order to become instruments in the invisible and the visible, so that many other souls can be filled with His love.
We are very happy. We are very grateful to God and to Léandre Lachance, his wife and his loved ones. We’re eager to become very small and filled with the love of God.

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