Daring to speak to Jesus

The first book of the trilogy “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” was a gift of love from Jesus, a lifesaver, for me. The previous days, I had received the diagnosis announcing the near death of my dear husband. Since then, he is with God and it is still difficult for me to accept it.
I also listened to the CD of the same collection and was impressed by the liberties that the author takes with the Father. He is the child who asks and wants to know the way […] I, who thought I was interested in God only by staying away from Him, believing that there were people or things more important than me, I realize that He offered me several gifts. I think He might want to say to me: “I’m here and I love you, you know […].”
I suffer a lot from the situation I am in. I am looking for answers, I dare to address Jesus and, even if I do not find what I am looking for, I will continue to love Him and say “Yes”.

Click here to read For the Hapiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones – Jesus

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