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From one transformation to another

I want to thank you for the rich teachings from the Lord that you have shared with us. You talked about “Information, Formation, Transformation”. In my littleness, since the retreat, I see in my life the transformations which the Lord operates.
At the beginning of the retreat, you said we should have no expectations, but to be welcoming. That’s what I did. Every day of the retreat, I walked with the Lord, step by step, I said “Yes” and I received all His love.
A first transformation manifested itself in my life: On the way back, in the car with friends, the driver took a wrong turn which resulted in a great detour. Faced with this situation, I was filled with calm and a feeling of surrender, whereas, in normal times, I would have roused, criticized, and so on. Thank you Lord for this budding transformation. Every day, assiduous to prayer, I say “Yes” to the Lord.
What also helps me is to tell Him that I renounce my thoughts and, when I do so, peace comes into my heart at once. Every morning, I read the “Thought of the Day” on the Internet. I then meditate it entirely in the related volume. In the evening, before going to bed, I ask the Lord to give me another Thought for the night.
Every day, I receive a gift package from the Lord, and I open it. Again, thank you for your “Yes” which allows me to say “Yes” on my part. I’m happy to be loved by Love, so that I may become Love.

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