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Guided without understanding

I’m a single parent of five children. We urgently need prayer and support. I need a triple miracle! Lazarus resurrected from the grave after four days […]. I believe in God, the God of the impossible; I’m hopeful against all odds, I let myself be guided by the Lord without understanding. I accept to be vulnerable and open to the Lord […]. All this comes to me from the “Thoughts of the Day”, which I have been receiving for several months.
Without exception, these messages – as well as the Word of God – nourish me every day. Like a mustard seed, God asks me to have faith and to ask the mountain to move. The Lord has put a very special person on my path, He is paving the way. I thank you wholeheartedly for praying for me. And thank you for what you do, it makes a difference in my life!

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Votre dose d'amour quotidienne!

Pendant ce confinement, il est normal de se poser plusieurs questions. Les Choisis de Jésus sont là pour vous accompagner dans cette période, tous les jours, lors de Facebook Live. Joignez-vous à nous pour entendre des prières et des témoignages provenant des livres «Pour le bonheur des Miens, Mes choisis. Jésus.». Ce rassemblement virtuel saura assurément alimenter vos réflexions et vous aidez à trouver réponses à vos questions!
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