Lives transformed by the Love of the Father

In November 2011, I was led or guided by Divine Providence, to attend a conference given by Mr. Léandre Lachance. At that time, my husband and I were in a difficult situation. My husband was unemployed and we depended on welfare to support ourselves. It did not improve our self-esteem or that of our children. After the conference, I had the opportunity to meet personally with Mr. Lachance who took the time to listen to me with love and compassion. I had lost hope of finding such a sympathetic ear and such availability on Earth.
He offered me books, CDs and DVDs of “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” simply asking me, in exchange, to recite daily the “Prayer of Jesus to His Father, Our Father”, which brings me comfort, love and serenity. I am thus touched by the grace and love of God. It was a revelation for me. I knew that I could choose to transform my life with the Father’s help: choose to remain in poverty or allow God to give me the opportunity to open my arms to welcome abundance into our lives. So, my husband and I started to open our arms. God overwhelms us with graces and we thank Him for the love He has for us.
My heart is transformed progressively, as I read the books and listen to the “Thought of the Day”. The latter makes the Love of the Father vibrate and I feel it within myself; it brings me peace. The faith that grows in every one of us is a precious and invaluable treasure of God.
Our hope has recovered and we can believe in better days. Little by little, we believed that we could improve by fully participating in the realization of our lives, by allowing God to be an integral part of it. Every member of our family has worked on himself and we live in greater harmony. My husband found a job, my children’s lives are getting better, my health is improving. Our lives have been transformed by the grace of God.

Click here to read the “Jesus’ Prayer to His Father, Our Father”

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