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24 December 2019

Praying for couples united through the sacrament of marriage

I suffered a lot, following my wife’s decision to leave me. One of my sons, with the purpose of helping me and supporting me, introduced me to the “Thought of the Day” of the Chosen of Jesus. Eventually, I read and meditated on the trilogy of “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus “. I later decided to give my complete “Yes” to Jesus … and I’m living a new conversion to Jesus Christ ever since, giving Him everything, everything, everything!
This led me to experience simply beautiful times of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament! On one of these occasions, the Lord inspired me to pray for couples united by the sacrament of marriage, couples all over the world, no matter their conditions. I listened and immediately began to pray for this cause. I then wrote a prayer, which I share with others in a spirit of faith. It was the origin of the “Rejoice Mary and Joseph” which is recited with the help of a rosary. As Pope Francis said in 2016: ” Today, there is a global war out to destroy marriage”, which justifies praying for couples united through the sacrament of marriage.
Praying for couples united through the sacrament of marriage with the assistance of the Holy couple par excellence – Mary and Joseph – how powerful! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the “Yes” of Léandre and Élisabeth Lachance; may they be blessed!

Click here to read the Prayer for couples united by the sacrament of marriage

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