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Retreats for the Chosen Ones

I was born in a Catholic family and as a teenager, I joined the New Age movement for about ten years. As part of my spiritual research on the Internet, I discovered the Website of the Foundation of the Chosen Ones (Fondation des Choisis de Jésus). I downloaded the books “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” and I read them almost all in one go. I was deeply touched. Love seduced me so much that I listened to the conferences available online, and I felt that I couldn’t keep them for myself. So, I suggested to my parish priest to project these conferences for those who might be interested. He accepted.
Nearly 20 people showed up at the first retreat. In the end, they asked me to organize more, because they would do some advertising. About 450 people attended the 23 retreats that have been offered up to now. The priests who attended expressed their astonishment at the quality of the confessions and understand that these retreats are an extraordinary evangelization tool, because of the abundant fruits they generate.
There is a return to religious practice, a more active attendance at masses, a willingness to be trained, and so on. During these retreats, where our Lord is present almost tangibly, I witnessed conversions and return to the Church of people who had decided to stay away 20, 30 or 40 years ago. I was amazed to hear some people say that this retreat was the most beautiful one they had taken part to on the theme of Love.
Personally, I spiritually sustain myself every day with a message of “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” that I read in order, in line with the volumes and texts of the Mass of each day. Over the past year, I’ve been spending my Fridays at the parish, listening and providing spiritual guidance and help with the animation of the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Click here to view a retreat given by Leandre Lachance

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