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Since I said “Yes”, my life has changed

I received the “Thought of the Day” of the Chosen Ones from a friend, and I decided to subscribe, with sincerity, but without really knowing anything about it. I read them day after day, sometimes doubting, because there is so much love expressed and one is not used to receive as much. Then, one day, Jesus asked for our “Yes”, my “Yes”, and I said “Yes”. Why? I don’t know … but I felt I had to respond that way, without ulterior motive. Since then, my life has changed!
Jesus is truly alive in us. Surrendering everything to Him by our “Yes” permits Him to guide our lives in an incredible way: readings, encounters, actions, thoughts, prayers, etc.
Yesterday, I wanted to spend a moment of Adoration and, when I arrived with questions in mind for Jesus, a conference was held in the room where the Blessed Sacrament was exhibited. I wanted to leave, but I sat down. The speaker was a hermit nun to whom Jesus appeared. I listened and she answered my questions! She quoted Saint John: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”

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Votre dose d'amour quotidienne!

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