The miracles of the Lord

A few days ago, I was convinced that I would not have a job for this year. As an assistant to the director in a school, I started to apply for employment insurance. Then, while reading the “Thoughts of the Day” of October 16 and 17, I said to myself: “If I don’t work this year, it is because the Lord has other surprises in store for me, I know He is there.” I then felt an incredible inner peace, all my worries went away. It was so joyful! Against all odds, I opened my mailbox today and found a large envelope containing a renewal of contract for my job. Phew! What happiness! You helped me to keep hope and it made me live with optimism. In addition, I had another good news about my health, which I had been waiting for over 12 years. The miracles of the Lord do not cease to manifest themselves!

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