This Word is alive

I took part in your retreat with a very small group in Delémont (Switzerland) in August. For some time, I have been asking the Lord to find me another job instead of being engaged in Church. I mainly take care of catechesis for the children. You confirmed to me that the Lord wants me in this place. In fact, I started my new pastoral year last September, but for the first time, it was without fear, in a spirit of peace and assurance.
Last week, I took some thought cards with me for catechism. At the time of the prayer, every one of the 9-year-old took a card and they were able to read it to others. At the end of the catechism, a child came to my house and said to me: “This word on this card, it is truly alive; it has been several days since I ask Jesus if it is true that He is always with me and the card gave me the answer.” This is a little wink from the Lord.

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