Yes to being stripped

Testimony of a priest:
I can bear witness that the “Thought of the Day” is really the one I must receive for each day! It is truly the Lord who, in His great Love, responds to what I carried in my heart as joy, sadness or desire … It is breathtaking!
Last week, I repeated all of my “Yes” to Jesus, as I do from time to time, selecting a message in Volume 3 on page 211. I admit that the fourth “Yes” always gave me chills down my spine when I prayed it. “To let myself be stripped of everything …” Well, the Lord took me at my word, because a few hours after I said “Yes” to being stripped of my material goods, a hacker invaded my computer and emptied my banking account. I have nothing left … And the most beautiful thing is that I’m happy about it!

Click here to read For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones – Jesus

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