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Our mission is to promote the diffusion, the experimentation and the integration of the Lord’s messages of Love entrusted to His Chosen Ones. We are therefore grateful to you for advertising the Thought of the Day, our products and our services. Thank you!

However, it is necessary to act in a spirit of discernment. You know how tiresome it can be to receive various unsolicited advertising emails. Thus, there are inevitably people who do not wish to receive our Thoughts, and we must respect that.

When we send out the Thought of the Day to thousands of subscribers at once, email systems such as: Orange, Wanadoo, Hotmail, Yahoo and others suspect us of being spammers, because that’s one of the ways they operate. The systems therefore have spam boxes and invite their subscribers to move spam to these boxes. When they do so, the systems identify these emails as spam and can block all emails sent by the source, believing that it is a source of spam.

For example, if you send the Thought of the Day more than once to someone who did not ask for it, there is a good chance this person places our Thought of the Day in his junk mail box.  His / her email service, for example Hotmail, could then block all the emails we send, as one of their subscribers told them that our emails were unwanted…

This is why we must use discernment when sending our Thoughts of the Day to people who have not subscribed to them. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via our email address: equipe@fcdj.org

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Because Love loves you, you become love …

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Pendant ce confinement, il est normal de se poser plusieurs questions. Les Choisis de Jésus sont là pour vous accompagner dans cette période, tous les jours, lors de Facebook Live. Joignez-vous à nous pour entendre des prières et des témoignages provenant des livres «Pour le bonheur des Miens, Mes choisis. Jésus.». Ce rassemblement virtuel saura assurément alimenter vos réflexions et vous aidez à trouver réponses à vos questions!
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