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"As you read this book and, better yet, as you meditate it, you will discover the Father’s tender love and His desire to lead us on the way to happiness in Christ through the Spirit. In these writings, we can follow the author on his spiritual journey. He hears the call, and eagerly desires to respond to it with fidelity, but he realizes the weakness of human nature and that total surrender to God does not come overnight. However, while becoming aware of his limitations, he appeals to God to make up for them. Is this not the destiny of every man and woman? We can easily identify with the author’s struggle."  Fr. Guy Giroux



For the Happiness of Couples and Families

« In publishing this booklet, I want to express my thanks to God for the precious treasures that He has allowed me to discover in the Sacrament of Marriage, and share them with you. In spite of the highs and lows of life, I consider myself to be a man coddled to have lived with my wife, Elisabeth, for over fifty years. This limitless wealth is available to everyone. » Léandre Lachance

The happiness of aging

« I give glory to God for the people whom the Lord places on my path to make up for my weaknesses. The publication of this little book was made possible by the contribution of the following people:
Father Guy Giroux, Christian Laflamme, my wife Élisabeth and Diane Laflamme.
To each of these people, I say thank you and I ask JESUS to grant them a special grace, that of being able to age in Peace, in Joy and in Love. » Léandre Lachance

For the Happiness of Young People

« Many young people want to succeed in life: they want to have a beautiful career, be rich, have a happy family, have a comfortable life. The author of these lines wants to lead them further. Yes, it is important to succeed in life, but, above all, it is important to succeed our life. To achieve this goal, we must take the right path to achieve our aim and therefore contribute to building a better world.

As a man of experience, Léandre only wants to share his experience and the fruits of his reflections. Youth is the period in life when we establish the foundation on which we will build our lives.

Léandre does not want to impose his view. He proposes it. I invite both young people and parents to read this booklet. You will discover a path that leads to happiness and joy of living.

Those who have read the volumes of the trilogy “For the Happiness of My Own, My Chosen Ones. Jesus” are well acquainted with Léandre Lachance. He is a businessman, a father and a grandfather. He dreams of a better world and involves himself to that effect.

A few years ago, he wrote “Grandfather Léandre’s Stories” for children. Afterwards, he thought about couples and family in the pages of “For the Happiness of the Couple and the Family.” He now takes the pen again, for the benefit of teens and young adults who are starting their lives. In each of these publications, we can observe Léandre’s wisdom.

Yes, everyone wants to be happy. But, oftentimes, we take the wrong direction. The path proposed by Léandre is the one where one meets someone who fills us with happiness. Do you want to know who he is? He offers the recipe for happiness and a successful life. Enjoy your reading! »

Father Guy Giroux

Thought of the Day


Thoughts 2B_10: My child, your behaviour before a happy or an unhappy event allows you to see whether you acted as a man of faith or as a man of the world. If you see that you behaved as a man of faith, you must give thanks to the Father, by praising and thanking Him for this great favour that he gives you, of being a witness of His action through you.


Today's Thought of the Day comes from the book For the Happiness of my own, My Chosen Ones – Jesus, by Léandre Lachance, Volume 2, number 61..