How far have we come!

As compelled by the “Thought of the Day”, I’m happy to share with you the wonders that the Lord is doing in ever more surprising ways in my life. In the aftermath of your visit to France in 2007, I really struggled to give my “Yes” and to practice the heart to heart encounters with Jesus, even though I greatly desired it. Today, I see how far I have come, I’m in a spirit of thanksgiving when I look at how the Lord has guided me, accompanied by very important encounters that have made way to liberations, which are facilitating my availability and the strong bond I have with my Father in heaven.
As I write you, the word “jubilation” doesn’t seem exaggerated, and I want to say a great thank you for all the Internet service that sustains, on a daily basis, this bond between us and especially with Jesus and Mother Mary that lead us to the Father.

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