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2017 – Christmas message

Hello, dear Chosen Ones of Jesus,

My heart is trully filled with joy to offer you my best wishes on the occasion of this great Christmas celebration for which we are all preparing.

During this time of the year, as we know, we talk a lot about gifts. There are gifts that we receive and for which we are disappointed; there are gifts that are taken and which, a short time later, are returned to the store; others are thrown away. For my part, I want to share a gift that I have never finished unraveling ... it is a gift that I received from the Lord exactly twenty years ago, on December 24, 1997.

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2016 – Christmas message

It is with great joy in my heart that I come to offer you my best wishes for the great Christmas celebration. For twenty years I have been fulfilled in a special way by the Lord. In this time of grace, I want you all to benefit from the many graces I have received. Thus, we will be able to celebrate together Jesus' birthday with a heart renewed by His Love.

What gives me this hope and fills me with joy and gratitude, is to note the fulfillment of the promises that we find in these volumes.

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2015 – Christmas message

As the great Christmas celebration approaches, many people think of gifts. Well, me too! Especially the extraordinary gifts that God our Father gave to humanity following the Yes given by a young girl from Israel. This Yes of Mother Mary gave us a Savior JESUS.

JESUS, in coming to this earth, gave us a multitude of gifts by His teachings and by the institution of the sacraments that He entrusted to our Church. The most beautiful, the largest and the most powerful is surely the Eucharist!

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2014 – Christmas message

To be docile to the inspiration I receive at the approach of the great Christmas celebration, I offer you, from Jesus, the following gift:

"My little one, I open your heart, I dilate it, I cut all that ties it down, I want it to be wide open for this great Christmas celebration.

As a gift, I want to offer you to pour a flood of Love into your heart. Your total, unconditional and irrevocable "yeses" give Me the freedom to do so in your heart.

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2013 – Christmas message

As Christmas day draws nearer, my wish is that many of us agree to diminish ourselves in order for Jesus to grow. It is surely a very beautiful gift to offer and a great gift for the people around us.

Realizing what is happening in the work of the Chosen Ones of Jesus, it is the word of Saint John the Baptist that come to mind:

"He must increase; I must decrease. » (John 3, 30)

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2012 – Christmas message

We are entering the great preparations for Christmas. How can we get to Christmas well prepared? In order not to deceive ourselves, it is important to distinguish in our minds what is essential and what is secondary.

What is essential is the coming of Jesus on this earth.

What is secondary is everything else. Gifts, meals, etc.

JESUS came to this earth to be present with us and even more than that, he came to live within each of us. JESUS is therefore a real presence.

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2011 – Christmas message

In the Christmas 2010 message, I spoke to you about the gifts we can give to Jesus, making you the suggestion to offer Him our heart. This year, for the preparation of this great Christmas feast, I would like us to reflect together on the gifts that Jesus wants to give us.

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