Reconciliation: the fruit of love

This three-person community evoked in the message I have just received is really a nod from our Heavenly Father, because, this week, the Holy Spirit enlightened me to reunite together two members of my family who harbored a deep hatred for each other. It is He who has led me on this path of reconciliation and joyful peace. I was most overwhelmed by their immense joy. The words of the Lord were: “I ask you to give up your ways of doing things, your ways of thinking, your ways of behaving, your fears of disturbing or disturbing you.” They are very appropriate to this situation. It is a confirmation that our Heavenly Father has been and will continue to be at the center, between us. What a beautiful fruit of love! It is a proof that by giving our “Yes” to the Lord, we give Him the opportunity to obtain happiness and, by becoming Love, we participate in the coming of the new Civilization of Love. God be praised! God be blessed!

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